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About Maxlife Industries

MaxLife Industries is a manufacturer of high-performance building enclosure products for the commercial high-rise, mid-rise, low-rise, multifamily, and residential markets throughout the world. Our products meet or exceed building code standards and minimums as we believe in helping to construct better buildings for the long-term of the built environment via smarter methodologies while streamlining the installation process.

MaxLife comes from a strong background in manufacturing, and its team of innovators, producers, and directors have over 100 years in the building and manufacturing industry. MaxLife is an owned subsidiary of Taylor Clay Products, which has been in the ceramics industry since the late 1800’s. Taylor Clay Products still manufactures high-quality clay masonry products at its plant in Salisbury, North Carolina where it has been located since 1949, which is next to MaxLife Industries and our operations. This close proximity allows MaxLife to use by-products from the clay masonry fabrication within our materials to further reduce our carbon footprint of both Taylor Clay and MaxLife. The use of recycled materials, power, and energy within the ArmorWall Structural Insulated Sheathing™ and IQBrick™ systems mean that customers can rest assured that when you specify MaxLife within your next project you are specifying less raw materials than other products available on the market today. The vision of MaxLife Industries is to supply materials that are cost efficient and sustainable while encompassing the market growth of structural and aesthetically appealing elements for current and newly-constructed buildings around the World. Please feel free to contact us for further information as we welcome inquiries and comments on everything that MaxLife has to offer!


For specific comments or inquiries regarding Maxlife Products please contact MaxLife Industries Customer Services.

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