The DuPont™ ArmorWall Fire-Rated Structural Insulated Sheathing™ team is a North Carolina-based manufacturer of high-performance building enclosure products for the commercial high-rise, mid-rise, low-rise, and multifamily markets.  Our innovative products have quickly become key design and structural components in new construction and renovation projects for hospitals, gyms, office buildings, storage facilities, multifamily and mixed-use developments, municipal buildings and many others across the country.

ArmorWall's manufacturing plant in Salisbury, North Carolina

Our team contains a combination of innovators in applied building science and construction materials manufacturing.  Together, our leadership team has more than 100 years of experience in the industry.

Our manufacturing plant is currently located in Salisbury, North Carolina, USA.

Our primary product line is the DuPont™ ArmorWall Plus Fire-Rated Structural Insulated Sheathing™ series.  Through its patented Fusion Technology that combines four traditional building enclosure products into one, ArmorWall Plus FR SIS™ has become the industry’s most innovative building enclosure system in just a few years’ time.  Our panels enable architects to pursue previously unattainable design features with additional industry-leading benefits for structural strength, durability, continuous insulation, and fire, air and water-resistance.  

The use of recycled materials, power, and energy within the ArmorWall Plus FR SIS™ system means that customers can rest assured that when you specify ArmorWall Plus FR SIS™ within your next project, you are specifying less raw materials than other products available on the market today.

Our mission is to supply the world’s construction markets with commoditized high-performance building enclosure products that are both cost-effective and sustainable.

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