About the ArmorWall Series

ArmorWall Fire-Rated Structural Insulated Sheathing™ is a

Fire Resistant ICC Listed High Strength Air Resistant Water Resistant Continuously Insulated

building enclosure system, commonly referred to as a Structural Insulated Sheathing (SIS) panel.

Combining the best traits of Magnesium Oxide (MgO) and polyurethane insulation, MaxLife Industries’ patented Fusion Technology fuses Magnesium Oxide structural sheathing to the exterior face of our poured insulation layer. This innovation combines four traditional enclosure components into one, and requires only one installation revolution around the building. ArmorWall modernizes the installation of commercial, multifamily, and other wall assemblies.

Key Benefits of the ArmorWall System

What is ArmorWall's Compatibility?

A prominent concern with traditional components is the attachment of claddings and veneers to the wall assembly once several inches of insulation has been attached to the exterior stud face. Due to ArmorWall’s structural strength, it allows direct attachment of cladding to the component layers of the sheathing and no longer require attachment back to the stud frame assembly or substrate. Because there is no requirement, cladding can be mechanically fastened to any location on the exterior Magnesium Oxide sheathing of the ArmorWall panel.

What is ArmorWall Made Of?

ArmorWall utilizes a 1/2″ layer of Magnesium Oxide (MgO) sheathing on the exterior face of the panel due to its high performance in fire resistance. Magnesium is present in large quantities all over the planet, where it is the eighth most abundant mineral on Earth. it exists as compounds in other natural minerals such as Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate), magnesite (magnesium carbonate), or magnesia (magnesium oxide), the compound found in ArmorWall. Once manufactured into a board, Magnesium Oxide is used either alone or with other materials to create a highly durable, fire-resistant, and sustainable building material.

Magnesium Oxide is similar to gypsum compounds that design teams are accustomed to using for many years. By replacing common gypsum and cementitious compounds that are commonly found in other construction materials with Magnesium Oxide, ArmorWall delivers top of the line fire-resistance, durability, and strength. This, combined with proprietary scrim formulations, creates a structural sheathing board that is unmatched in many of today’s performance categories.

MaxLife’s industry innovation does not stop there. From our beginning, we understood the contribution to the difficulty and labor from required continuous insulation compliance and the multiple steps required to assemble the commercial wall. MaxLife developed another proprietary formula of a poured polyurethane (PUR) insulation layer. As a true continuous insulation that isn’t broken other than the fasteners and mechanical penetrations, ArmorWall meets the definition in ASHRAE 90.1 for continuous insulation (ci), which few products and assemblies can match.

MaxLife’s patented Fusion Technology fuses the required Continuous Insulation (ci) layer to the Magnesium Oxide sheathing layer to create a combined substrate that will not delaminate, resolving a common problem other insulated sheathing materials may have. Production of this type, not within a lamination type application, allows the insulation to be formed at a compression of nearly twice that found in most foam insulation products in today’s market. 

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