About DuPont™ ArmorWall™ Systems

DuPont™ ArmorWall™ Systems are building enclosure systems that include a composite panel component commonly referred to as a Structural Insulated Sheathing (SIS) panel.

  • ICC Listed
  • Fire-Resistant
  • Continuous Insulation
  • Air and Water-Resistive Barrier
  • High Strength Cladding Attachment Support

Components of an ArmorWall™ FR SIS Panel

Magnesium Oxide

ArmorWall™ FR SIS products utilize a 1/2″ layer of Magnesium Oxide (MgO) sheathing on the exterior face of the panel due to its high performance in fire resistance. Magnesium is present in large quantities all over the planet, where it is the eighth most abundant mineral on Earth. Magnesium Oxide is similar to gypsum compounds that design teams are accustomed to using for many years. 

By replacing common gypsum and cementitious compounds that are commonly found in other construction materials with Magnesium Oxide, ArmorWall™ FR SIS products deliver top of the line fire-resistance, durability, and strength. This, combined with proprietary scrim formulations, creates a structural sheathing board that is unmatched in many of today’s performance categories.

Poured Polyurethane Insulation

The industry innovation of ArmorWall™ FR SIS products do not stop there. From our beginning, we understood the contribution to the difficulty and labor from required continuous insulation compliance and the multiple steps required to assemble the commercial wall. We developed another proprietary formula of a poured polyurethane (PUR) insulation layer.

As a true continuous insulation that isn’t broken other than the fasteners and mechanical penetrations, ArmorWall™ FR SIS products meet the definition in ASHRAE 90.1 for continuous insulation (ci), which few products and assemblies can match.

Key Benefits of DuPont™ ArmorWall™ Five-in-One Systems

Passes NFPA 285 Testing

ArmorWall Systems pass NFPA 285 testing without the additive protection of an exterior cladding on the front for the full duration of the test. This allows for engineering judgements to be made for most NFPA 285 tested and approved exterior finishes when used with ArmorWall Systems as part of a complete wall assembly.

Structural Sheathing and Cladding Support

We fuse Magnesium Oxide (MgO) sheathing onto the exterior face of ArmorWall Systems panels in order to gain high strength and durability not commonly found today in traditional building enclosure products. With its ability to move the stud face to the exterior face of the sheathing, ArmorWall Systems have been tested to support loads equivalent to most building cladding finishes, with minimal creep while under load.

Continuous Insulation

ArmorWall Systems have a high-performance, poured polyurethane insulation layer fused to the sheathing layer using patented Fusion Technology, which provides an easy way to comply with continuous insulation (ci) requirements in building codes. The thermal layer is offered in three standard thicknesses and R-Values for both ArmorWall Plus FR SIS™ and ArmorWall SP Plus FR SIS.

Weather-Resistive Barrier

ArmorWall Systems pass ASTM E331 as a water-resistive barrier for pressure totaling two hours, and complies fully with Chapter 14 of the International Building Code (IBC) for water-resistive barriers. Once the sheathing fasteners and seams have been sealed, the structure is considered weathered and dried-in and interior construction may commence.

Air-Resistive Barrier

Once properly sealed using ArmorSeal Sealant at all seams and sheathing fasteners, ArmorWall Systems meet the IBC and ASTM E283 requirements for an air barrier assembly without the need for additional materials.


ArmorWall Systems offer a single pre-fabricated system that can be delivered on-site and installed in days, not weeks. ArmorWall Systems reduce the common stresses of factory-built wall assembly manufacturing, including movement within the facility, deflection during transportation, and racking during wall erection.

Cladding Compatibility of DuPont™ ArmorWall™ Systems

A prominent concern with traditional components is the attachment of claddings and veneers to the wall assembly once several inches of insulation has been attached to the exterior stud face. Due to the structural strength of the panel, cladding attaches directly to the structural sheathing and no longer requires attachment back to the stud frame assembly or substrate. Because there is no requirement, cladding can be mechanically fastened to nearly any location on the exterior Magnesium Oxide sheathing of the ArmorWall™ FR SIS panel.

DuPont™ ArmorWall™ Systems on the Job

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