Product Description:

ArmorWall Structural Insulated SheathingBelow Grade (BG) is our factory waterproofed exterior wall sheathing product that is used in below grade applications.  The innovative properties of ArmorWall BG make it an ideal solution for project teams looking for an all-in-one below grade product that provides continuous insulation, waterproofing, high strength and durability. 

The ArmorWall BG system is unique in that it combines the strengths of ArmorWall NC with built in returns, proprietary below grade waterproofing and a third party below grade dimpled membrane.   This system reduces the number of building revolutions while simplifying the below grade installation process.

ArmorWall BG’s innovative properties allow projects to meet and exceed continuous insulation, building code and green certification programs faster and more cost effectively.  ArmorWall BG is manufactured in a near zero waste manufacturing plant in North Carolina.

Key Features of ArmorWall BG Include:

  • Insulating the slab with ArmorWall BG brings the transition point between it and the above grade materials to a level above the slab edge, eliminating a seam that is otherwise a vulnerable point for water and moisture intrusion.  Combining BG with another ArmorWall above grade product provides a perfect and seamless transition from below grade to above grade.
  • In cases where a below grade material must project above ground, for example 8″ in some code requirements, ArmorWall BG may meet the required fire ratings – a rarity amongst similar products.
  • ArmorWall BG arrives at the job site with an additional technology – Dorken’s DELTA®-MS dimpled membrane – attached to it, providing an additional layer of water and vapor protection with high compressive strength.
  • Installation does not require specialty below grade trades, which many other products do.  In many of our ArmorWall BG installations, the above grade crew has performed the installation.
  • No paper facing components exist within ArmorWall BG that will promote the growth of mold or mildew as tested by ASTM G21.
  • The Magnesium Oxide (MgO) and hardened urethane insulation components create an incredibly durable exterior sheathing product that withstands post-construction damage to the slab edge often caused by landscaping crews working around the building’s foundation.

ArmorWall BG is the Best Solution for These Building Types:

  • All types of commercial and multifamily buildings with below grade foundations or slab edges.

Project Highlights Featuring ArmorWall BG:

The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics saved several days on their project schedule by installing ArmorWall BG around the foundation of the new building
ArmorWall BG was used as the below grade solution for this Municipal Maintenance Facility in Prior Lake, MN
ArmorWall BG rendering shown with various transition points and penetrations

Product PHOTOS:

Know the Advantages of ArmorWall BG:

Structural Sheathing

Thanks to the fusion technology and the elements of which ArmorWall is comprised, the structural strength of the panel allows direct attachment for cladding and other materials which can be installed below grade to the panel without the requirement of pin-pointing the studs.

Thermal Control Layer

The insulating layer of high density foam insulation is fused to the structural sheathing element which provides ease of use when conforming to the continuous insulation requirements in evolving building codes. The thermal layer is offered in a few standard thicknesses to meet the project required R-Values.

Water Control Layer

The BG panel receives a factory-applied below grade waterproofing and requires the installation of the accompanying drainage dimple board.

Mold and Mildew Resistant

No paper facings exist within the assembly to promote any biological growth.

NFPA 285 Approved

Fully passed the NFPA 285 on its own without a required cladding on the front. This allows most UL tested, listed, and approved exterior finishes to qualify as part of the complete wall assembly.


For additional information and technical details on ArmorWall BG, reference these documents:

ArmorWall Below Grade (BG) Structural Insulated Sheathing Data Sheet

For further documentation and details please visit the Downloads Page.