ArmorWall Structural Insulated SheathingNon Permeable (NP) includes a factory-applied self-healing non permeable air barrier membrane.  One of the newest products in the ArmorWall series, it was created to provide a non permeable option that can be used in areas of high wind, strong rains and high humidity.  ArmorWall NP is one of the industry’s most durable, most weather resistant and most fire resistant insulated wall sheathing products available.  It provides a strong and smooth vapor permeable attachment point for exterior cladding materials while also meeting continuous insulation requirements.  

Amongst the factory-coated panels in the ArmorWall series, ArmorWall NP has an applied non permeable water-resistant barrier coating. Once seam and fasteners have been sealed, the enclosure may be considered “dried-in” allowing interior construction to commence regardless of final exterior finish status.

Like other products in the ArmorWall series, ArmorWall NP uses MaxLife’s proprietary technology that fuses a structural element to the exterior face of a fused insulation layer.  This innovative Structural Insulated Sheathing (SIS) assembly modernizes the installation of commercial and multifamily wall assemblies.

A tremendous benefit to general contractors and installers, ArmorWall NP requires just one installation revolution around a building in place of the traditional four, reducing costs and time to weather-in by weeks. Magnesium Oxide (MgO), a natural mineral with fire resistance properties, is fused onto the exterior face of each panel, replacing common gypsum and cementitious compounds that otherwise require additional coatings, time and cost. 

ArmorWall NP’s innovative properties allow projects to meet and exceed continuous insulation, building code and green certification programs faster and more cost effectively.  ArmorWall NP is manufactured in a near zero waste manufacturing plant in North Carolina.

Key Features of ArmorWall NP Include:

  • Offers designers added freedom of being able to use legacy design features and innovative wall systems while at the same time improving construction speed, efficiency and code compliance.
  • Non permeability offers high performance moisture and humidity management in the building enclosure system.
  • No components exist within the product that allow any growth of mold or mildew as tested by ASTM C1338.
  • Meets FEMA design standards for flood resistant materials.

ArmorWall NP is the Best Solution for These Building Types:

  • High humidity indoor environments such as natatoriums or cold storage facilities.
  • Buildings located in high wind zones, flood zones or hurricane-prone climates.
  • Buildings located in regions with heavy rain seasons and high humidity.

Project Highlights Featuring ArmorWall NP:

Click here to learn how the project team used ArmorWall in place of several traditional materials to save time, save money and increase durability and weather resistance.
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Product PHOTOS:

Know the Advantages of ArmorWall:

NFPA 285 Approved

Fully passed the NFPA 285 on its own without a required cladding on the front. This allows most UL tested, listed, and approved exterior finishes to qualify as part of the complete wall assembly.

Fusion Technology

Panel is manufactured using patented fusion technology bestowing unique properties to ArmorWall NP. Lamination not being party to the process allows a smooth foam backing.

Structural Sheathing

Thanks to the fusion technology and the elements of which ArmorWall is comprised, the structural strength of the panel allows direct attachment for cladding to the panel without the requirement of pin-pointing the studs.

Thermal Control Layer

The insulating layer of high density foam insulation is fused to the structural sheathing element which provides ease of use when conforming to the continuous insulation requirements in evolving building codes. The thermal layer is offered in a few standard thicknesses to meet the project required R-Values.

Air Control Layer

When properly sealed using ArmorSeal Sealant application at all seams and fasteners, the factory coated panels meet the IBC requirements for an air barrier assembly without the need for additional materials.

Water Control Layer

Armorwall NP is factory-coated with a Non-Permeable water control layer.

Panelized Construction

ArmorWall is ideal for handling the stress of factory-built wall assembly manufacturing process, including movement within the facility, deflection during transportation, and racking during wall erection. Self-adhered membranes have tremendous adhesion to the ArmorWall surface.

Mold and Mildew Resistant

No paper facings exist within the assembly to promote any biological growth.


ArmorWall Non-Permeable (NP) Structural Insulated Sheathing Data Sheet

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