Product Description:

MaxLife’s technology fuses a cementitious element to the exterior face of our fused insulation layer further making ArmorWall PB the most unique among that series in that it is also designed to be installed over a traditional water resistant barrier and gypsum sheathing wall framing assembly. The insulated Portland-cement board, with its integrated drainage plane on the rear, is designed to accept direct adhered masonry, EIFS, and stucco applications all while allowing a continuity between differing exterior finish materials and differing ArmorWall panels to which they are applied.

Like our other products in the series, ArmorWall PB requires just one installation revolution around a building in place of the traditional four, reducing costs and time to weather-in by weeks. 

ArmorWall PB’s innovative properties allow projects to meet and exceed continuous insulation, building code and green certification programs faster and more cost effectively.  ArmorWall PB is manufactured in a near zero waste manufacturing plant in North Carolina.

Product Information:

Know the Advantages of ArmorWall:

NFPA 285 Approved

ArmorWall PB meets and has been tested to the requirements of NFPA 285. It is also the only panel in the series that requires 5/8" gypsum sheathing and a water-resistive barrier prior to installataion.

Fusion Technology

Panel is manufactured using patented fusion technology bestowing unique properties to ArmorWall. Lamination not being party to the process allows a smooth foam backing. ArmorWall PB is unique in that it is currently the only panel in the series to fuse portland cement board instead of Magnesium Oxide to the high density foam

Thermal Control Layer

The insulating layer of high density foam insulation is fused to the structural sheathing element which provides ease of use when conforming to the continuous insulation requirements in evolving building codes. The thermal layer is offered in a few standard thicknesses to meet the project required R-Values.

Panelized Construction

ArmorWall is ideal for handling the stress of factory-built wall assembly manufacturing process, including movement within the facility, deflection during transportation, and racking during wall erection. Self-adhered membranes have tremendous adhesion to the ArmorWall surface.

Integrated Drainage

Resulting from the fusion technology ArmorWall PB integrates a smooth high density foam water drainage plane standing the panel off of the WRB with our patent pending profile negating the need for another drainage solution.

Mold and Mildew Resistant

No paper facings exist within the assembly to promote any biological growth.


ArmorWall PB Data Sheet

ArmorWall PB Structural Insulated Sheathing™ Data Sheet.

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