Product Description

ArmorWall Structural Insulated Sheathing™ PermaBase® (PB) is a unique product in the ArmorWall series that fuses a cementitious element to the exterior face of the insulation layer in place of our traditional Magnesium Oxide (MgO) layer.  ArmorWall PB is designed to be installed over sheathing and a water-resistant barrier as with traditional wall assemblies. 

While the exterior face of the sheathing maintains the durable properties of other products in the ArmorWall series, MaxLife’s proprietary technology incorporates a drainage plane on the back side.  This interior facing drainage plane is designed to sit against the water-resistant barrier on either a steel framed or mass wall substrate.  In doing so, ArmorWall PB serves as a second drainage plane, allowing project teams to more easily meet code requirements. Since ArmorWall PB has both drainage plane and water-resistive barrier (WRB), it provides a choice for any type of parging material.

ArmorWall PB’s innovative properties allow projects to meet and exceed continuous insulation, building code and green certification programs faster and more cost effectively.  ArmorWall PB is manufactured in a near zero waste manufacturing plant in North Carolina.

Key Features of ArmorWall PB Include

  • ArmorWall PB requires just one installation revolution around a building in place of the traditional three.  By incorporating the durable sheathing, insulation and drainage layers into one panel, project teams can reduce costs and time to weather-in by weeks. 
  • ArmorWall PB is designed to accept direct adhered masonry, EIFS and stucco applications while allowing a continuity between differing exterior finish materials and differing ArmorWall panels to which they are applied.
  • ArmorWall PB serves as one of the two desired drainage planes for cementitious cladding applications and is designed to be installed over a separate substrate with water-resistant barrier.
  • The insulated rigid substrate includes a layer of Portland cement, which contributes to ArmorWall PB’s hard, durable surface that is able to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture.
  • No paper facings exist within the assembly to promote any biological growth.

ArmorWall PB is the Best Solution for These Building Types

  • Multifamily housing developments where cladding options need to offer high durability at low costs, such as for developers that will also own the building(s) for years to come
  • Areas such as retail where EIFS are exposed to public interaction (e.g. shopping carts running into walls, entry ways, etc.)
Front Side
Reverse Side
ArmorWall PB Product Downloads

ArmorWall PB Guide Spec v3.docxDownload 
MaxLife_NFPA ArmorWall PB Assembly.pdfDownload 

For further documentation and details please visit the Downloads Page.

Project Highlights Featuring ArmorWall PB

This Municipal New Construction Building in Omaha, NE used ArmorWall PB to provide a weather-resistant, insulated sheathing system.

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