Product Description

ArmorWall Structural Insulated Sheathing™ Symmetrical Panel (SP) Non-Coated (NC)  was launched to enable architects to pursue previously unattainable design features through its industry-leading structural strength, durability, continuous insulation properties, and fire, air and water-resistant capabilities.  

ArmorWall SP-NC arrives to the job site from our factory with no additional coatings, offering building owners and general contractors flexibility in the types of air, water and vapor control layers that will be used for their building envelope.   Based on the project needs and architectural specifications, ArmorWall SP-NC can be delivered in various sizes and with various insulation thickness and R-value. 

Like our other products in the series, ArmorWall SP-NC drastically reduces the number of installation revolutions around a building.  This helps to reduce costs and time to weather-in by weeks.

ArmorWall SP-NC’s innovative properties allow projects to meet and exceed continuous insulation, building code and green certification programs faster and more cost effectively.  ArmorWall SP-NC is manufactured in a near zero waste manufacturing plant in North Carolina.

Key Features of ArmorWall SP-NC Include

  •  Has the ability to provide a two-hour fire rated exterior wall assembly in one step.
  • ArmorWall SP-NC is the preferred solution for buildings in densely populated areas as well as high rise buildings where installers are able to work with single panels in place of several components
  • It is unique due to its additional layer of sheathing, made of Magnesium Oxide (MgO), a natural mineral with fire-resistant properties, on the interior face encompassing the rigid foam insulation.
  • The MgO layers replace the common sheathings (such as gypsum, plywood, etc.) and compounds found in other products that require additional coatings, time and cost.
  • The Magnesium Oxide (MgO) component of ArmorWall SP-NC can be exposed to the outdoor elements for nine months or more without any issue, far longer than competitor sheathing products. This feature makes it an excellent choice for retail, office and low-rise upfits where the final components of the envelope won’t be decided until months after the enclosure is completed.

ArmorWall SP-NC is the Best Solution for These Building Types

  • Core and shell building construction or renovation that will result in tenant upfits, particularly to the exterior cladding, at a later time
  • Retail, office and low-rise buildings
ArmorWall SP-NC Product Downloads

ArmorWall SP NC Guide Spec v1.docxDownload 

For further documentation and details please visit the Downloads Page.

Project Highlights Featuring ArmorWall SP-NC

ArmorWall NC was selected as the building enclosure system for this mixed-use property in Houston, TX to afford the building owner flexibility in future exterior cladding materials that would be influenced or selected by future tenants.

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