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is an ICC listed, high strength, two-hour fire-resistant exterior insulated wall sheathing product.

About ArmorWall SP Plus

ArmorWall Symmetrical Panel (SP) Plus is unique due to its additional layer of sheathing, made of Magnesium Oxide (MgO), a natural mineral with fire-resistant properties, on the interior face, encompassing the rigid foam insulation.

This addition makes ArmorWall SP Plus two (2) hour assembly rated, twice that of our standard ArmorWall panels.

ArmorWall Symmetrical Panel (SP) Plus arrives at the job site complete with a proprietary air and water-resistive barrier on the exterior, the first coating made exclusively for Magnesium Oxide (MgO).

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Key Features of ArmorWall SP Plus Include:

Arrives complete to the jobsite with a factory-applied, high-quality proprietary air and water-resistive barrier on the exterior, the first coating made for Magnesium Oxide (MgO)

The MgO layers replace the common sheathings (such as gypsum, plywood, etc.) and compounds found in other products that require additional coatings, time and cost

ArmorSeal line of products can be installed on ArmorWall Plus and cured in harsh weather conditions, with overall proven functionality of the panel in all outdoor environments

ArmorWall SP Plus performs as well or better than other ArmorWall products and competitor products with regard to lateral strength, enabling designers to further reduce framing, sub-framing, and cross bracing

Based on the project needs and architectural specifications, ArmorWall SP Plus can be delivered in various sizes and with various insulation thickness and R-value

Meets and exceeds continuous insulation (ci), building code, and green certification programs

ArmorWall SP Plus Passes Testing For:

Passes NFPA 285 testing without the additive protection of an exterior cladding on the front for the full duration of the test

Passes ASTM E119/UL 263 testing using the same wall panels for the full two hours, something many other wall assemblies cannot do

Testing by ASTM E72 demonstrates ArmorWall to be stronger than many other sheathing and wood products when attached directly to the stud, with no required interior blocking

No components exist within the product that allow any growth of mold or mildew, as tested by ASTM C1338

When properly sealed with ArmorSeal Sealant, passes ASTM E283 for an air barrier assembly, without the need for additional materials

Passes ASTM E331 as a water-resistant barrier totaling two hours, and complies fully with Chapter 14 of the Building Code for water-resistant barriers

Meets FEMA design standards for flood resistant materials

ArmorWall SP Plus is the Best Solution for These Building Types:

Buildings that may receive a future addition; ArmorWall SP Plus can provide a fire rating on one side of a building that may allow a future building to be built close to it at a later time

High rise buildings where installers are able to work with single panels in place of several components

Commercial and multifamily buildings located in high wind zones

Buildings in densely populated areas

Job sites with minimum lay down space or short timelines

ArmorWall SP Plus Product Downloads

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