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is an ICC listed, high strength, fire-resistant exterior insulated wall sheathing product.

About ArmorWall

ArmorWall arrives at the job site without additional factory-applied coatings, providing greater flexibility in the choices of field-applied coatings or membranes that must be used.

Once seam and fasteners have been sealed the enclosure may be considered “dried-in”, allowing interior construction to commence regardless of final exterior finish status.

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Key Features of ArmorWall Include:

 Utilizes a 1/2" layer of Magnesium Oxide (MgO) sheathing on the exterior face, providing top of the line fire-resistance, durability, and strength

The intentional lack of a factory-applied coating provides greater flexibility in the choices for field-applied coatings or membranes, particularly in cases where the final exterior cladding material is not yet known

Excellent choice for building projects where the final cladding material isn’t yet known, but the building needs to be dried-in

Meets and exceeds continuous insulation (ci), building code, and green certification programs

ArmorWall Passes Testing For:

Passes NFPA 285 testing without the additive protection of an exterior cladding on the front for the full duration of the test

Passes ASTM E119/UL 263 testing using the same wall panels for the full two hours, something many other wall assemblies cannot do

Testing by ASTM E72 demonstrates ArmorWall to be stronger than many other sheathing and wood products when attached directly to the stud, with no required interior blocking

No components exist within the product that allow any growth of mold or mildew, as tested by ASTM C1338

Meets FEMA design standards for flood resistant materials

ArmorWall is the Best Solution for These Building Types:

Core and shell building construction or renovation that will result in tenant upfits, particularly to the exterior cladding, at a later time

Retail, office and low-rise buildings

ArmorWall Product Downloads

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