What is

ArmorWall Plus is the newest and most innovative product in MaxLife Industries’ lineup of Fire-Rated Structural Insulated Sheathing™ (SIS) panels. ArmorWall Plus offers a scientifically engineered, high-quality air and water-resistive barrier, the world’s first coating specifically designed to be applied to Magnesium Oxide (MgO) board.

ArmorWall Plus incorporates no less than four traditional building enclosure systems into a single panel product: structural sheathing, fire-resistance, an air and water-resistive barrier, and a high-performance continuous insulation layer.  ArmorWall Plus’ four-in-one system can replace several traditional individual components that, on their own, add cost, labor and complexity to a project.  With ArmorWall Plus, there are less components and materials to install, reducing the number of installation revolutions to just one.  One installation revolution enables ArmorWall Plus to reduce the time needed to weather-in a building by weeks, not days, further reducing labor costs, job-site safety liabilities, material, and other project costs. 

Key Benefits

ArmorWall Plus includes a new formula for our high-performance poured polyurethane insulation that, when paired with our new coating, enables our system to effectively and efficiently control water vapor and moisture, enhancing building protection from the outside in. 

ArmorWall Plus panels require no additional chemical fire retardants or protective cladding to comply with either NFPA 285 or ASTM E119 approval standards. 

The proprietary air and water-resistive coating provides industry-leading adhesion performance for tapes and sealants, including our ArmorSeal line of products. 

A revolutionary innovation, our ArmorSeal line of products can be installed on ArmorWall Plus and cured in harsh weather conditions. Once sealed, the enclosure may be considered “dried-in”, allowing interior construction to commence regardless of final exterior finish status.

Watch our interview with MaxLife Industries’ National Technical and Building Science Director Jarrett Davis, where he delves into how the ArmorWall Plus system works, and its multitude of benefits.

Watch our interview with MaxLife Industries’ Chemistry, Research, & Development Director Mike Cretella as he discusses how ArmorWall Plus Fire-Rated Structural Insulated Sheathing was scientifically engineered to be one of the most innovative building enclosures in the market.

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