Medical Office Building in Boiling Springs, SC

Summary:In Fall of 2018, construction began on the first of two new medical office buildings to support the healthcare needs of the growing local community in Boiling Springs, SC. The first building was constructed using a common wall assembly that included gypsum sheathing, a spray applied air barrier, mineral wool insulation, and other systems commonly used in metal stud buildings. Unfortunately, a rainy season led to months of construction delays and challenges installing the building enclosure system. When construction began in 2019 on a similar building, the project team was ready and willing to try a new building enclosure system. Fortunately, MaxLife Industries’ National Sales Manager, Beau Preston of Carolina Rainscreen and Envelope Professionals, had been in touch with the project team and introduced them to ArmorWall Structural Insulated Sheathing™. When they realized the immense time and cost savings available by switching to ArmorWall, they made the change.

Building Type: Healthcare, Office, new construction

Need:  Durable, high performance building enclosure system that can be installed in the rainy season.

Solution: ArmorWall Vapor Permeable (VP) Structural Insulated SheathingTM represented by Carolina REPs

Installer: Spectrum Interiors

Story: Download the Case Study below to learn how ArmorWall came to be the best choice on a new medical office building in Boiling Springs, SC, as well as how the building enclosure system was installed in just three and a half weeks- an amazing six weeks ahead of schedule!