DuPont™ ArmorWall Fire-Rated (FR) Structural Insulated Sheathing™ (SIS) provides new and innovative ways for design professionals, general contractors, installers, and building owners to benefit from the building enclosure system used on their projects.  Scroll down to read Customer Testimonials from our recent projects!

401 Jackson Street in Hoboken, NJ

The thing that attracted me to ArmorWall was the fact that I could take care of three trades and three installations with one product. We had the ability to get our continuous insulation on the exterior, our sheathing, and our vapor barrier installed at one time. It allowed us to be able to get one trade on the building to install all those products.

David Wurster


Nastasi Architects

North Carolina School of Science and Math in Morganton, NC

The project was 100% weathered in faster. We were five to six weeks behind on the construction schedule due to delays with steel. ArmorWall got us back on track. We were framed and sheathed in six weeks, saving us three to four weeks on the project schedule.

Nathan Collins


Precision Walls, Inc.

Hartford Health Care Buildings in Cheshire, Waterford, and Hartford, CT

We installed the ArmorWall system on this project, from the steel studs out, sheathing, air and vapor barrier, and insulation all in one step. Gets the contractor to the finish line faster, makes our panel install much quicker, so both Contractor and ourselves benefit at the end.

The awesome thing about this ArmorWall product; they now are insulating the building, they are sheathing the building, they are waterproofing the building. You don’t have to wait for the drywall guy, you don’t have to wait for the insulator, they are all those guys.

Gus Mendonca


facades X

Medical Office Building in Boiling Springs, SC

Time is always the most important factor when trying to open new buildings. ArmorWall reduced the time it took to complete the exterior walls by half compared to our last project.

Project Coordinator

Time and money are my biggest factors. We were surprised and happy to return our equipment two months early. That saved us a lot of money.

Josh Vassey


Spectrum Interiors

On 15,000 square feet of walls, we saved six weeks and two inspections for this job!

Municipal Maintenance Facility in Prior Lake, MN

We had a hard time finding a product that could meet our requirements when I began looking. We chose two different types of ArmorWall for the exterior building enclosure system. Together, the two products provide the durability and continuous insulation we were looking for but came with a wealth of added benefits that resulted in cost and time savings during installation.

Vehicle Storage Facility in Fort Lauderdale, FL

I’ve been heavily researching and specifying good solutions for continuous insulation since 2000. We had a few options hen and we still do now. Over the years, we’ve tried a variety of grid fastener and sheathing systems including mineral board over CMU to achieve the right insulation value and material thickness that best works with fasteners and code requirements. For this project, we needed something stronger and more durable than what we had used before.

Kevin Leivian


DLR Group

ArmorWall solves several unique construction needs for new buildings and renovations here in Florida. I certainly recommend it for many types of commercial projects across the state.

Anne Springs Close Greenway "Gateway" Welcome Center in Fort Mill, SC

Now the difference between the other steps of having to waterproof and insulate an exterior wall is that this part of the installation only takes two steps…What would normally take us four days took us four hours.

City of Mason Municipal Aquatic Center in Mason, OH

Having the fire-rated material pre-installed is great because you don’t have to go back and touch it again. From my experience with exterior sheathings, they are too easily damaged. Without any hesitation ArmorWall has become my favorite building enclosure product for its durability once installed. That Magnesium Oxide coating is harder than heck, it’s such a a different product.

Every General Contractor we’ve shown it to absolutely loves ArmorWall because of the time and cost savings. When you factor those in on the project, you spend less and get more. When you factor in the energy savings over time, the Building Owner gets a lot more.

Bill Spencer


REPS of Ohio

By performing a thorough cost-benefit analysis that compared the slightly higher upfront costs of the ArmorWall product to the lower overall project costs that result from the labor and time savings, we were able to show that switching to ArmorWall was less expensive overall.

ArmorWall is a great all-in-one product that distributors can take to market as a value-add to their Customer. It can be used o widen the scope of their work with air barrier and continuous insulation solutions. ArmorWall provides the contractor one easy step to achieve that.

Aaron Spencer


L&W Supply

With a 30-35% labor shortage occurring during construction, eliminating trips around the building to perform the installation absolutely saved us time and trouble. We picked up several days as a result of the faster and easier install, even with less labor on the job. And my crew liked the ArmorWall product because they could install it with regular tools, it was easy.