As a developer, MaxLife recognizes the need for you to ensure that the design professional, general contractor and installers on your team are meeting necessary standards, codes, design and functionality requirements while also meeting budgets.

Many design teams and installation contractors are redeveloping their office standards and details that had been used for decades, and with such change often comes difficulty.  ArmorWall takes the now standard commercial wall and completely rethinks this installation by adding a structural element to the exterior face of the fused insulation layer.  This innovation allows the designer to again use tried and true methods from previous construction techniques awarding wall construction more efficiency, less cost, all while maintaining code compliance. 

Commercial and multifamily developers use ArmorWall to save time, money and implement innovative design features that are not cost effective using traditional methods and materials.  ArmorWall has been field and lab tested to exceed the most stringent code standards and certification requirements.  Our products replace multiple traditional materials with a single system expediting the installation process by requiring just one trade to install.  The faster installation process uses traditional tools and methods and reduces the number of required inspections.  As a result, projects experience less weather delays and begin interior work weeks sooner, further reducing costs and helping developers earn revenues faster.  

ArmorWall helps design professionals by:

  • Providing the benefits of four or more components into one, simplifying your designs and specifications.
  • Meeting or exceeding all of the necessary fire, sound, water and other performance standards and codes.
  • Offering cost and time savings that will return value to your customer through innovative product selection.

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