Energy Square Multifamily Net Zero Energy Building in Kingston, NY

Photo courtesy of Cladding Concepts International

Summary: Located in New York’s Hudson Valley area, RUPCO is the region’s leading provider of and advocate for quality, affordable housing and community development programs aimed to provide opportunity and revitalize communities.  In 2019, the 501(c)(3) agency broke ground on the region’s first net zero energy mixed occupancy multifamily building.  Named “Energy Square” for its net zero energy, energy efficiency and sustainability characteristics, upon completion the building will serve as a testament to sustainable housing and rental opportunities that fosters community development and revitalization.  

ArmorWall was specified for the project as the high R-value of our continuous insulation will help the building meet its net zero energy goals.  In addition, the added durability and water resistance will help ensure that tenants have a comfortable, energy efficient and low maintenance housing complex to live in for many many years.  These energy and durability benefits are great for the occupants, but the project’s architect, general contractor and installer are certain to enjoy the reduced time and labor costs realized from the fast installation process offered by ArmorWall.

ArmorWall helped the project team save time and money while enabling RUPCO to achieve its goal of net zero energy to benefit itself and enrich the lives of the building’s tenants.

Building Type:  Multifamily, new construction

Solution: ArmorWall Vapor Permeable (VP) Structural Insulated SheathingTM