Factory-Built Shelter Modules for Temporary Hospitals, Offices and Residences Available Now from MaxLife Industries

Prefabricated modules made of ArmorWall Structural Insulated Sheathing™, provided by MaxLife Industries, are perfectly equipped for temporary usage in times of need.

Modules for Emergency Use

In response to the ongoing pandemic related to COVID-19 and the Coronavirus, North Carolina-based MaxLife Industries has rapidly-developed factory-built shelter modules that can be used for temporary hospitals, offices and residences.  These modules are 20 feet by 10 feet in length and may withstand all weather conditions for up to one year.  The modules are fabricated inside our North Carolina factory and are available to be shipped by flatbed trailer to any location in need across the country.

These modules are expected to exceed any requirements set forth by the CDC and government agencies for temporary shelter structures.  Constructed from our high-performance patented ArmorWall® structural insulated sheathing, these modules can serve as standalone structures of be mechanically fastened together quickly to form temporary buildings with hallways, wings and containment areas.

MaxLife Industries is Here to Help

MaxLife customer service representatives are awaiting orders and can ship modules in days, not weeks.  Contact us today for pricing and availability at 1-844-MAX4YOU (1-844-629-4968) or contact our National Sales Manager Beau Preston at 269-501-9197 or [email protected].

Watch the short video below, or click here to watch how the units are constructed and shipped:


“It is often said that necessity drives innovation. Nothing is more innovative than the construction industry itself, as we are required to increase productivity and efficiency on a daily basis. 

With the current times in the world and the future need of available space to house individuals that don’t have shelter, in need of temporary shelter due to illness, quarantine or isolation, MaxLife industries has put our team of engineers, designers, suppliers and vendors to work expediently to develop a ready built module that can be field deployed in a matter of hours rather than weeks, months or even years to assist in the global pandemic that is currently upon us.

These modules are built in a factory setting of approximate sizes of 20 feet by 10 feet and are prefabricated to withstand positive pressurization, weather exposure for up to a year, fire containment and easily assembled in mass configuration for rapid deployment. All of the components of each module including roofing, exterior weather barriers, air barriers, insulation, glazing of windows and door systems are installed in the factory setting.

Once each module is constructed, they are placed on delivery vehicles able to be deployed rapidly to any location that they are required. The modules can withstand weather, long-term exposure for up to a year to the sun and rain, and ability to house multiple tenants within gang together modules. Prefabricated corridor modules can also be constructed in a factory setting with the ability to decrease the building time on location. 

Once the modules arrive at the place of erection, they can be lifted into place and set alongside each neighboring module.  The modules are then simply mechanically attached together, leveled and sealed the factory waterproof seams with common construction materials to complete the final dry-in and weather sealing of the temporary facility. The facilities can then be fully-operational to provide shelter and areas of assistance. Further implementation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing can be installed on location as needed, if desired.

For your specific needs and requirements, contact MaxLife Industries to discuss
specifications for your facility.  We stand ready to help.”