As a general contractor, MaxLife recognizes the need for you to be able to meet and exceed your client’s time, budget and quality standards.  ArmorWall Structural Insulated Sheathing™ was developed for this reason.  Our innovative fusion technology combines four or more traditional building envelope components into one rigid panelized system.  Doing so reduces installation time, reduces labor costs and allows your project to move ahead of schedule.  The need for specialized equipment and sunny warm days are a thing of the past – ArmorWall installs in all weather conditions using standard processes and tools.

Because of the ease of installation, general contractors can budget for less time, labor and materials costs when closing in the exterior of a commercial or multifamily building.  Doing so provides an additional benefit of being able to start on the interior faster, knowing that the exterior walls are structurally sound and fully sealed with continuous insulation.

Commercial and multifamily general contractors use ArmorWall to save time and money by replacing multiple traditional materials with a single system expediting the installation process by requiring just one trade to install.  The faster installation process uses traditional tools and methods and reduces the number of required inspections.  As a result, projects experience less weather delays and begin interior work weeks sooner, further reducing costs.  

ArmorWall helps general contractors by:

  • Reducing installation time, labor and material costs by combining four or more traditional components into one.
  • Reducing weather delays and expediting the time to begin interior work through a faster installation process.
  • Ensuring your customer is satisfied with the work being performed and materials being used, thanks to our rigorous testing and quality control procedures.
  • Meeting or exceeding all of the necessary fire, sound, water and other performance standards and codes.

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