As an installer, MaxLife knows that the safety of your workers is most important on any job.  By combining four or more traditional components into one, ArmorWall streamlines the installation process, allowing your crews to work faster, and more safely, using traditional tools and methods.

Our ArmorWall Structural Insulated Sheathing™ was developed after having observed and analyzed installation failures with building envelope products from across the country.  Our third party forensic testing showed how exterior walls that were seemingly installed correctly would often leak over time. Causes often included difficult detailing and maintaining continuity within the wall and water-resistant system. Such tasks have become cumbersome due to the levels of codes and requirements placed upon the installer within today’s project marketplace.  

As installation processes continue to change, MaxLife and ArmorWall are here to help your crews meet modern needs for commercial walls using traditional tools and methods.  This innovation allows the installer to use tried and true methods from previous construction techniques awarding wall construction more efficiency, less cost, all while maintaining code compliance. 

ArmorWall helps installers by:

  • Simplifying the installation process and reducing failures by combining four or more traditionally separate components into one.
  • Using standard tools and methods such as fasteners and sealants during the installation process.
  • Reducing down time by being able to be installed in all weather conditions.
  • Improving safety conditions by reducing hands-on time installing the product with less components, tools and steps than others.

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