Life Time Fitness Biltmore in Phoenix, AZ

Building Type: Gym, new construction

Solution: ArmorWall Vapor Permeable (VP) Structural Insulated Sheathing™

Sales Representative: Carolina REP


Need: To meet fire-rating code requirements mandated for a large building being constructed in a dense downtown area with multiple other buildings nearby.

Additional Information

Life Time Fitness is known for their large fitness facilities that serve hundreds of people per day in urban and rural areas. After speaking with the MaxLife Industries team for years about ArmorWall, this project became the third Life Time building to incorporate it. For this project in Phoenix, AZ, constructing such a large building in a densely populated area of downtown surrounded by office, retail and residential buildings presented a few challenges for the project team. One of great importance was the need for the building’s envelope system to include fire-rated assemblies that would prevent any fire starting at the Life Time building from spreading to others nearby. 

Uniquely rated to meet NFPA 285 standards, ArmorWall is the perfect solution for buildings like this that need certified fire resistance. In addition to meeting this need, ArmorWall offered Life Time another valuable benefit they were seeking: the ability to incorporate multiple cladding types into the exterior façade. For this project and many others to be built in the future, ArmorWall provides a consistent sheathing layer that works well with many cladding types including brick, metal, stucco and more. In addition, ArmorWall was used in several areas of the roofing system, including the building’s parapet walls, to achieve both a continuous insulation barrier and a continuous water resistance barrier (WRB).

With these and other benefits provided by ArmorWall, the project was able to make up for several schedule delays caused by the small downtown footprint provided for the construction site. As a result of ArmorWall’s success on this project, ArmorWall has been adopted by Life Time Fitness as the basis of their future building designs.