MaxLife Industries Awarded the AI Global Excellence Award for Best Building Enclosure Product Manufacturer of 2021

Acquisition International, a monthly digital business magazine dedicated to sharing only the best businesses, products and solutions, has awarded MaxLife Industries with the AI Global Excellence Award for “Best Building Enclosure Product Manufacturer of 2021”.

An Excerpt from the Article:

“Having received the accolade of the ‘Best Building Enclosure Products Manufacturer’ for 2021 in the USA, MaxLife Industries will use its new flagship product to inspire innovation in the building materials industry. The newly launched ArmorWall Plus Fire-Rated Structural Insulated Sheathing product brings a contemporary update to one of the oldest trades; and it’s about time, too.”

Acquisition International Issue 6, Page 6

The Article Continued:

“The ArmorWall line of products provides customers with a wide range of solutions that each address a different challenge one might face on a construction project, allowing its clients to pick the ArmorWall product that is best for the task at hand. The varieties of ArmorWall include: Non-Coated, Plus, PermaBase®, and Below Grade, each of which lends itself expertly to fit a breadth of different client needs and requirements. By providing a variety of options, MaxLife ensures that customers can treat it as a one-stop-shop for the building enclosure system. Constructing wall systems in commercial and multifamily buildings used to require four or more trades and multiple installation revolutions around a building; with ArmorWall, one labor crew performs the installation in one revolution. In addition, new product types will be available in early 2022.”

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