Mixed-Use New Construction Building in Hoboken, NJ

Building Type: Mixed-Use, new construction

Solution: ArmorWall Vapor Permeable (VP) Structural Insulated Sheathing™

Sales Representative: Cladding Concepts International (CCI)


Architect: Nastasi Architects


Additional Information

(Courtesy of Cladding Concepts International) – In today’s challenging construction climate, it is critical to do more, faster and with less! ArmorWall allows you to complete crucial building envelope installation faster, with less staff and with increased transparency to ensure quality.  Here is a current CCI project at 401 Jackson in Hoboken, NJ. Our inspection photos show after 5 days that a major portion of the pictured façade has had ArmorWall VP board installed. The crew is made up of 3 people, using no scaffolding, just a boom lift with cleats. Since ArmorWall is easily installed, and is also structure, the boards and the façade itself can be installed more easily, and in some cases without the need for costly scaffolding.

Once the ArmorWall product is up, the single trade function completes the sheathing, continuous insulation and the vapor permeable air and water barrier. The installer on this project is also performing the framing and estimates that with his 3 person crew, on a residential project with multi-sized windows, he can put up close to 1,100 SF of ArmorWall board per day (remember, that is 3 products in 1!). Now the client is ready to install the cladding products from CCI.