Municipal Maintenance Facility in Prior Lake, MN

Summary: When construction began on this Municipal Maintenance Facility in Prior Lake, MN, the architect knew they needed a product that could withstand a cold climate with lots of snow. One of the greatest benefits of ArmorWall is its high performance in cold climate zones.  By combining up to four traditional components and trades into one, the installation process is faster, cheaper and easily adapts to harsh weather conditions.  Fasteners adhere the 4’ x 8’ panels to studs or framing, sealants cover fastener holes and seams, and a variety of cladding systems are attached on a smooth and flat surface.  All of this can be done in harsh weather conditions including rain, snow and low temperatures. That’s why ArmorWall Vapor Permeable (VP) and ArmorWall Below Grade (BG) Structural Insulated Sheathing™ were chosen for this project.

Building Type: Municipal, new construction

Need:  Durable, high performance building enclosure system that can be installed in the cold and wet winter season.

Solution: ArmorWall Vapor Permeable (VP) Structural Insulated SheathingTM above ground and ArmorWall Below Grade (BG) below ground, represented by Innovative Architectural Products.


General Contractor and Installer:  Klar Dig Construction, Inc.

Story: Download the Case Study below to read our interview with architect Ron Betcher of OERTEL ARCHITECTS, LTD. in St. Paul, MN to learn how ArmorWall came to be a critical solution on a new municipal maintenance facility in Prior Lake, MN, as well as a new opportunity for future projects.