New Case Study: City of Mason Municipal Aquatic Center in Mason, OH

Can a single building enclosure system save time and money on multiple building projects? ArmorWall can! 

Case Study Summary

In the fall of 2019, the City of Mason began demolition of an outdoor pool in order to make way for the construction of a new state-of-the-art aquatic center with both indoor and outdoor amenities, and an addition to follow, that would serve as a premier amenity for City of Mason residents.  The new center features a heated leisure pool, an enclosed 50-meter pool, a community room, a catering area and covered entrance that welcomes guests. 

Like other projects where our products are used, ArmorWall wasn’t specified in the original design.  For this project, a traditional building enclosure system had been planned, but, a cost-benefit analysis performed once construction began revealed that a less expensive system was needed. 

When assessing ArmorWall, the project team determined that the slightly higher up-front costs of the ArmorWall product would yield $11,000 in total project savings through a faster installation time and less labor on the job, and an overall increase of 6 – 9% energy efficiency! 

For More Information

Click here to learn how the project team evaluated ArmorWall’s ability to save time, save money, improve energy efficiency and enable the City to expand the building at a lower cost.

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