New Product Announcement: ArmorWall Plus Fire-Rated Structural Insulated Sheathing

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Introducing: ArmorWall Plus

MaxLife Industries is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the newest and most innovative product in the ArmorWall Fire-Rated Structural Insulated Sheathing™ series of products: ArmorWall Plus.

ArmorWall Plus offers a scientifically engineered high-performance air and water-resistive coating that is the world’s first specifically designed to be applied to Magnesium Oxide (MgO) board. A key component in all ArmorWall products, it offers one and two-hour fire ratings, structural stability, and more.

ArmorWall Plus incorporates no less than four traditional building enclosure systems into a single panel product: structural sheathing, fire-resistance, an air and water-resistive barrier, and high-performance continuous insulation. Combined, ArmorWall Plus’ four-in-one system provides a layer of exterior above grade continuous insulation that meets and exceeds code and green certification programs in multifamily, commercial and many other types of buildings.

With less components and materials to install, the number of installation revolutions decreases to just one, saving labor time, lowering material and job costs, and reducing the time to weather in a building by weeks, not just days.

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Our Mission

“MaxLife Industries was founded with the mission of ‘Innovating the Building Enclosure’ to focus our company’s efforts on manufacturing new and innovative building enclosure products that solve real-life design challenges and improve performance in the field,” said Jarrett B. Davis, National Technical & Building Science Director for MaxLife Industries. “ArmorWall Plus makes good on that mission by simplifying the building enclosure design and installation process through a four-in-one system that outperforms traditional materials,” said Davis.

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An Exceptional Development

“ArmorWall Plus replaces prior products in the ArmorWall series known as Vapor Permeable (VP) and Non-Permeable (NP),” says Mike Cretella, Director of Research & Development. “A new formulation for our air and water-resistive barrier coating and improvements to the insulation and MgO board offer additional benefits that create a new and innovative product that serves all situations regarding vapor permeance,” said Cretella.

ArmorWall Plus is available with a standard one-hour fire rating (single MgO panel) or two-hour fire rating (double MgO panel, named Symmetrical Panel Plus) in three standard insulation sizes and values: 2” for R-10, 2-3/4” for R-15, and 3-3/4” for R-21. 

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How to Order

ArmorWall Plus can be ordered direct from MaxLife’s manufacturing facility in Salisbury, North Carolina through our Product Representative network, or purchased through authorized building materials distributors located across the country. Lead times are 2 – 3 weeks in normal market conditions.

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