Religious Building in Omaha, NE

Religious Building in Omaha, NE

Building Type: Municipal, new construction

Solution: 2″ ArmorWall PermaBase (PB) Structural Insulated SheathingTM represented by SGH Concepts

Installer: Falewitch Construction Services, Inc.

ArmorWall Structural Insulated Sheathing™ Permabase (PB) is a unique product in the ArmorWall series that fuses a cementitious element to the exterior face of the insulation layer in place of our traditional Magnesium Oxide (MgO) layer.  ArmorWall PB is designed to be installed over sheathing and a water-resistant barrier as with traditional wall assemblies. While the exterior face of the sheathing maintains the durable properties of other products in the ArmorWall series, MaxLife’s proprietary technology incorporates a drainage plane on the back side.  This interior facing drainage plane is designed to sit against the water-resistant barrier on either a steel framed or mass wall substrate. 

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