MaxLife Industries employs these top talents in the design, construction and manufacturing industries:

Tracie Weaver

Production Support & Purchasing

At MaxLife Industries, Tracie is responsible for coordinating MaxLife’s production support by creating and receiving Purchase Orders for all aspects of the business, including production, shipping, maintenance, sales and marketing. She also processes shop activity, helps in maintaining BOM, leads the purchasing and tracking, and receiving of incoming material into inventory, and maintains production supplies. In addition, Tracie handles the continuing education process, logs AIA credits, and assists with employee time sheets and attendance log.

Tracie has an extensive background in customer service as well as logistics.

In her off time, Tracie enjoys camping with her husband, hanging with friends, and traveling to the beach as often as possible.

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Tabitha Tulloch

Customer Service & Office Coordinator

At MaxLife, Tabitha is responsible for coordinating customer support and general office administrative tasks. In her role, she assists with customer service, purchase orders and invoicing, coordinates shipping and receiving, and employee management.

Tabitha is currently pursuing a Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Accounting. She worked as an office assistant and Scale for two years, and is excited to learn and nurture new skills with MaxLife Industries.

Tabitha enjoys binge-watching crime shows outside of work, enjoying game nights with family, and loving on her dog, Scooby.

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Jarrett B. Davis

General Manager

Jarrett Davis is the General Manager for MaxLife Industries and Chief Operating Officer for Taylor Clay Products located in Salisbury North Carolina. In this role, Jarrett leads the development and testing of new innovations in the building enclosure and energy efficiency product field. In the past three years, Jarrett’s research, product development and sales activities have earned MaxLife Industries a series of national awards, including the Architect’s Newspaper Best of Products Award in 2020 for the ArmorWall Structural Insulated Sheathing product line, which he has been developing since 2010.

Previous roles and committees include the Director of Building Science for a national architecture and engineering testing firm, building and energy code committees, expert witness, and building enclosure commissioning agent.

Outside of work, Jarrett enjoys spending time teaching his children how to fly and helping friends with construction projects.

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Eric N. Johnson, P. E. LEED AP

Technical & Engineering Services Manager

At MaxLife Industries, Eric Johnson provides technical and engineering support for the ArmorWall Fire-Rated Structural Insulated Sheathing™ product line. In this role, Eric provides designers, installers, sales team and owners with technical information and support tailored to their specific needs.

Eric has extensive engineering experience in various roles serving the building envelope in addition to the building materials industries.  Previous experience includes both consulting on building envelopes, as well as both national and local trade associations for building materials.  Eric has served on numerous national committees in leadership roles including building codes, as well as ASTM.

Outside of work, Eric enjoys traveling with his wife to faraway places (and nearby ones), sports, cooking (more so the eating part), as well as being outside and generally active.

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Beau D. Preston

National Sales Manager

Beau Preston developed MaxLife’s original national sales representative network and has since continued to refine our sales processes and expand our network of independent product manufacturer representatives.  Beau’s sales approach relies heavily on educating architects, product representatives and installers on the benefits and intricacies of the ArmorWall Fire-Rated Structural Insulation Sheathing™ product offering.  Beau supports MaxLife’s national service accounts, distributors and web leads with front line information, introductions to our full team of experts and general product knowledge.    

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Ryan Miller

Marketing & Business Process Director

Ryan Miller leads the development and delivery of nationwide marketing activities that seek to educate the design and construction communities on the benefits and value of ArmorWall Structural Insulated Sheathing and other products manufactured by MaxLife.  In this role, Ryan works with customers, partners and vendors to identify shared goals and implement marketing campaigns that yield shared success.  Ryan also directs the development of internal business processes that aid in better serving customers and improving internal operational efficiencies. 

In addition to his role at MaxLife Industries, Ryan is the part-time Founder and Executive Director of North Carolina Building Performance Association, the state’s not-for-profit trade association representing building performance companies and professionals.  Since founding NCBPA in 2014, Ryan has led the association’s work with member builders, developers, contractors, product suppliers and many others to grow the industry and member businesses.  Ryan serves as the industry’s principal lobbyist and was awarded the 2017 Young Green Professional of the Year award by the National Association of Home Builders. 

Outside of work, Ryan spends his weekends off-road motorcycling and building things at his tiny lake cabin property on Kerr Lake near Henderson, North Carolina.

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Eryn Koty

Marketing Coordinator

As the Marketing Coordinator, Eryn Koty creates and coordinates essential marketing materials that educate the design and construction communities on the benefits and value of ArmorWall Fire-Rated Structural Insulated Sheathing™. An alumni from NC State with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Communications, Eryn specializes in graphic design, education, technology, marketing, and engineering. At MaxLife, she pursues many creative avenues to make sure every marketing campaign is the highest quality it can be.

In her free time she enjoys sewing and fashion, reading fantasy novels, and playing with her orange tabby cat, Tango.

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Cagatay (Chag) Yilmazer

Technical Product Specialist

At MaxLife Industries, Chag Yilmazer provides technical support for the ArmorWall, ArmorBoard, and ArmorSeal line of products. In his role, Chag supplies Customers, Designers, Installers, Building Owners, and MaxLife’s National Sales Team with technical information.

Chag has an undergraduate degree of Economics from Bilkent University in Turkey and a Sustainable Technology and Built Environment graduate degree from Appalachian State University in North Carolina. He has worked primarily in Wind Energy industry and is now looking forward to improving his technical knowledge in Building Science and insulation materials.

Outside of work, Chag enjoys bodybuilding, reading and learning about different cultures via traveling.

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Randy Hoffner

Plant Manager

Randy Hoffner leads MaxLife’s plant operations using best practices that he learned and developed in his more than thirty years in the manufacturing and polyurethane industry.  Every day, Randy’s primary goal is to ensure that our customers receive quality products in a timely manner.  To do this, he implements continuous improvements in the manufacturing of ArmorWall Fire-Rated Structural Insulated Sheathing™ products, maintains rigorous testing standards and protocols, and spends a great deal of time educating and training his staff.  Randy’s hard-working attitude ensures that the innovative designs we offer carry through to the ways our each of products are manufactured.  

In his off-time Randy enjoys getting his arm in a cast (fishing) anytime he gets a chance. He also enjoys boating and spending time outdoors with his wife and kids.

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Rick Dunaway

Assistant Plant Manager

Coming soon!

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F. Michael Cretella

Research & Development Director

Mike Cretella leads the research and development of MaxLife products featuring the ArmorWall Fire-Rated Structural Insulated Sheathing™ product line.  In this role, Mike works with customers, partners and vendors to identify shared goals and implement development efforts that yield shared success.  Mike also directs the internal quality and testing of our products.  

Prior to this position, Mike served in numerous roles in product development, technical management and as a global chemist for various composite fiber manufacturers.  These have ranged from fiberglass, basalt, and carbon fibers to such areas as synthetic chemical development for the coatings industry.    

Outside of work, Mike spends his weekends fishing, traveling and enjoying time with his family.  He’s also finishing a renovation of his lakehouse on Douglas Lake near Dandridge, Tennessee.

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Amanda Sztyber

Quality Assurance Manager

Amanda Sztyber is a process-oriented and results driven Quality Assurance Manager with a passion for product excellence. At MaxLife, Amanda focuses on eliminating process variation by creating, revising, and strictly implementing defined processes and procedures that maintain and improve product performance and production efficiency. Often found in the lab or on the production floor, Amanda utilizes laboratory testing of raw materials and monitoring of the production process to ensure that MaxLife customers only receive products that exceed their standards, our standards and the most rigorous industry standards.

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Lauren Wilsey

Laboratory Technician & Quality Assurance Assistant

Lauren Wilsey is a task oriented and results driven Lab Technician and Quality Assurance Assistant. At MaxLife, Lauren focuses on developing reports based on product compatibility, to ensure product efficiency. Often found in the laboratory, Lauren tests raw materials to ensure customers are being sold the products that exceed MaxLife’s standards.

Lauren is a 2021 graduate of Catawba College with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biochemistry. She waitressed throughout college and is excited to grow with MaxLife Industries.

Outside work, Lauren enjoys adventuring in nature and spending time with her family and friends.

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Sebastian A. Sztyber

Technical Products & BIM Manager

Sebastian Sztyber leads the design and development of MaxLife’s extensive library of digital and print architectural renderings, infographics, technical media, installation manuals and other documentation that aid customers in specifying and installing MaxLife products. One of the industry’s most talented digital designers, Sebastian is expert in all modern architectural software solutions. When creating visual aids for Customers, Sebastian seeks to provide a clear and concise message to the widest possible audience. His work frequently involves creative collaboration with customer and manufacturer teams to ensure compatibility in project submittal and marketing documentation.

Outside of work, Sebastian experiments with new and exciting ways to deliver information by creating elements, editing video projects and modeling worlds for virtual reality.

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Josh Webb


Josh Webb is the Controller for MaxLife Industries and Taylor Clay Products located in Salisbury, North Carolina. In this role Josh leads the accounting team to ensure proper record keeping, along with providing his insight on financial analysis to push MaxLife to continue to grow and prosper.

Previous roles include the Assistant Controller for a custom payment and financial solutions company, where he assisted in helping customers resolve their financial needs.

Outside of work, Josh enjoys spending time with his two kids, wife and two dogs. Also, Josh will never turn down time for a round of golf.

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