Vehicle Storage Facility in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Building Type: Storage Facility, Renovation, Addition

Solution: ArmorWall Non Permeable (NP) Structural Insulated Sheathing™

Sales Representative: Copeland Architectural Systems


Architect: DLR Group


General Contractor and Installer: DPR Construction



Case Study for Vehicle Storage Facility in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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 If you were planning to build a collectible vehicle storage building in Florida with millions of dollars of other people’s valuables in it, you’d probably want to make sure that the building is waterproof, durable and able to withstand hurricanes.

Enter MaxLife Industries’ first project with ArmorWall Non Permeable (NP) Structural Insulated Sheathing™. ArmorWall NP offers a non permeable barrier that addresses unique needs in hot, moist and humid climates in cities like Fort Lauderdale, FL. For this storage facility, a traditional CMU block wall system was constructed. But, instead of following the traditional method of filling the blocks with insulation, a better system was sought after that would allow for a stronger attachment with the exterior metal cladding, while still meeting the continuous insulation requirements of Florida’s energy code.

A strong supporter of continuous insulation for many years, the project architect evaluated several product options before specifying ArmorWall. The architect realized that ArmorWall’s ability to combine several traditional components into one – while also meeting continuous insulation requirements – would afford the project increased durability and weather protection while also saving time and money during the installation process.